First-Year Representative Candidates 2017-18 



I should be MSA's first year representative because I'm confident that with unity comes strength, and that's something UNC's Muslim Student Association needs in the world we live in today. MSA has grown and established itself in certain aspects, including the social and religious environment. I know that with my contribution to the association as a first year rep, I can further its success. So vote for me so that you vote for unity, new ideas, and an even better year here in MSA.





Salaam! My name is Aaruba Ayesha, and I am running for Freshman Representative. I am interested in this position because I have some great propositions from the past several years as someone who was on the board of Green Hope’s MSA and as the school’s MSA president this past year. Some activities I would like to incorporate with the Class of 2021 include halaqas, interest sessions for non-Muslims, and volunteer work with refugees in the area. I would also love to add other recreational ideas such as getting ice cream at Mapleview, hiking, and checking out restaurants on Franklin Street. Besides these activities, I would like to focus on bringing the Muslim youth closer together in a time where discrimination and prejudice is ever-present. I also want to educate others about current events. We cannot just sit inside the bubble that is UNC and ignore what is happening in the world around us.

As Freshman Rep, I will work to ease any worries and concerns of fellow freshmen. I hope I can count on your vote! JazakAllah Khair.




I would like to strengthen the overall presence of my Arab-Muslim identity--I believe that being a first year representative will provide me and others like me to fall back on a community of friends and family with similar values. I would also appreciate guiding my peers in bettering our surroundings and making a difference in the Islamic community.





I believe that I would make a great First Year Representative due to my experience working with my peers to further our sense of community and our involvement in our surrounding community as a whole. Having worked as a Youth Commissioner for my county, and organized multiple events and organizations in my high school, I have developed the leadership skills necessary to bring a group of like-minded peers together and achieve something great. I am committed to creating unity and confidence within the Muslim community, and I believe that the first way to start is with my own generation. As a First Year Representative, I intend to bring my class together and also enable them to have a strong voice and impact on the MSA and on campus.





Serving as the First Year Representative this year is indicative of community building and betterment of others and myself simultaneously. From attending just one meeting, I can already sense that this organization is more than a typical student association. Rather, the MSA consists of enlightening, passionate, and vibrant individuals who share common interests as me and I would give anything to be apart of this in a sense that pushes beyond just being a general member. I want to give back to this community of people and help in forming lifelong connections between my fellow Muslims in the class of 2021.




I believe my qualifications for being a first representative comes from my experiences and aspiration of bringing together my class as we take on college. In terms of my experience I bring about experience of being president of a high school MSA. As president of the Cary High MSA I did activities to bring everybody together and learn more about Islam and also put the teachings to practice when we'd go out an help our local community. I want to take that experience and find ways that where we as a class can bond and the whole being the best ambassadors to Islam on the Carolina campus. I also want to make the MSA feel like a safe zone for everybody in my class, so that everybody knows that the MSA is like a family away from home. 


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ASA My Name is Nour Zarrouk and I would be honored to be your Freshman Representative. I have enjoyed my short time immensely with the UNC MSA thus far, and would wish to further my involvement as your Freshman Representative. Leadership has always been a quality which I have been most comfortable with and has come fairly naturally to me. I have been president of my high school’s MSA for 2 years. I had also been the president of my high school's key club as well as the vice president of National Technical Honor Society. With each position, I had taken pride in the responsibilities assigned to me.  With the plethora of opportunities that have been offered to me as well as the positions that I have acquired, I have been able to develop various skills such as collaboration, time management, and most important of all, inclusiveness.

Over the years, I have attended numerous MSA events such as Late Night with Hasan Minhaj, Tea with Tagouri, and MSA Live. As I attended those events, I noticed a progressive environment in the organization, seeing a diverse group of people that attend, feeling a sense of homeliness. Through this I have gained a passion to be a part of this wonderful organization.  As your freshman representative, my goal is to continue expanding this sense of homeliness and modern view about what MSA can be. Creating an organization that has room for anyone. Even if you're Muslim or non-Muslim there is always a place for you in MSA. I hope to continue contributing to the diversity with my gained experiences, new ideas, and willingness to learn and gain other skills from different perspectives.

As your first year representative, I hope to create bonds and friendships between us freshmen and upperclassmen, with planning events such movie nights, game nights, as well as having community service events, bonding by giving back to the community as well as growing individually as a class together. Our time here at

 UNC has just begun and I’m more than happy to help create the pavement for our new home.