Shurah elections            

Election Timeline

March 20th: Shurah Executive Elections begins

March 24th: Voting for Shurah Executive positions ends @11:59

March 22nd: Applications for general Shurah opens. All applications must be submitted by March 27th @6:00pm.

March 27th: General Shurah Townhall will be held at 6:30pm in the Union, room 3408. All applicants will have the chance to give a 2-minute speech and answer questions from the general body. Voting for General Shurah will begin.

March 31st: Voting for General Shurah ends @11:59.

April 2nd: All applicants will receive an email about whether or not they were elected onto Shurah. If you were elected, there is a MANDATORY joint-Shurah meeting in Union Room 2520 at 6:30PM to determine positions and start the transition process.

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Shurah Election Candidates 2019-2020